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  • Winter Safety Essentials to Keep in Your Car

    1st November 2016

    Winter Safety Essentials to Keep in Your Car With winter fast-approaching, and the temperature already dropping fairly rapidly, it's a good idea to start getting the gear together that you should keep in your car throughout winter. In the UK, heavy snow can hit unexpectedly and leave drivers either stuck because of no traction, or trapped in queues of traffic so long that cars are abandoned. It happened a lot in winter 2010 in the UK, and it's better to be prepared than get caught out. So, here's our winter guide on what essential gear to keep in your car. Windscreen de-icer spray and washer-bottle fluid Seems obvious, but many get. Read more
  • A Guide to Preparing Your Car for Winter

    17th October 2016

    A Guide to Preparing Your Car for Winter If you're reading this article and thinking "what's the point in preparing my car for winter?", then I'm about to point out the answer to that very question, and I'm also going to show you exactly how to do it, and what you'll need. UK wintertime is harsh on many levels. Over the past few years it's been utterly unpredictable, with some bringing extreme cold, deep snow and with it traffic chaos. Other times - such as the 2014/15 winter, most of the UK saw very little snow, with temperatures rarely breaking below 5˚C, and instead we were treated to weeks of lashing rain and heavy. Read more
  • Perfect for Petrolheads: 8 Great Videos featuring Mercedes-Benz Cars

    3rd October 2016

    Mercedes-Benz. The name is amongst the most iconic of any car manufacturer, for good reason; they've been making cars for over 130 years and in that time Mercedes-Benz have built many cars that manifest all the soul and passion you could ever want in a motor car. Sure, they've been through rough patches and sold cars that have zero character or any real appeal to the true petrolhead, but push those aside - all manufacturers make models like those for the masses - and you quickly realise just how many incredibly distinctive and magnificent cars Mercedes have produced since their beginning. In. Read more
  • The Easy Way to Find your Perfect Paint Chip Repair kit!

    5th August 2016

    The Easy Way to Find your Perfect Paint Chip Repair kit! We all hate those annoying stone chips on our cars, and it's especially bad when you like to keep your paintwork looking its best. That dreaded 'WHACK' sound as what seems like an entire rock bounces off your bonnet, is maddening and you can almost hear the sound of your wallet emptying its contents, with words like 'respray', 'body shop', 'quotes', 'phoning around', 'time-consuming' all bouncing around your mind. Unsettling isn't it, and in our hectic lives it's not what we want, perhaps even more so when it comes to the money aspect. However, Chipex have the answer as their paint chip. Read more
  • Drive more Safely in Heavy Rain with Chipex Car Screenwash

    8th July 2016

    Drive more Safely in Heavy Rain with Chipex Car Screenwash What is the best screenwash? Traditionally, a car screenwash does one or both of the following; cleans the screen and stops smearing, plus they keep the water in the bottle from freezing over in colder weather. However, there's now a windscreen washer that does both of those things, as well as stopping water from building up on the glass; Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash. Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash is a concentrated screenwash which covers all the bases as an anti-freeze product and a water-repellent. It may seem obvious to states this, but as any driver know it's incredibly important to see. Read more
  • Perfect for Petrolheads: 9 Great Videos featuring Bentley Motor Cars

    30th June 2016

    Perfect for Petrolheads: 9 Great Videos featuring Bentley Motor Cars W.O. Bentley's aim was this: "To build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class", and in 1919 his company Bentley Motors started to do just that. Luxury and performance describe Bentley's cars perfectly, and they are amongst the most desirable and opulent in the world, something to attain to and reach, a status-symbol, even. I've tried to include a good rounded selection of Bentley videos here, because their heritage and cars across the eras are simply incredible. Enjoy, possibly with a cup of tea and a cream and jam scone. 1. Bentley Continental GT3-R People wonder why Bentley created. Read more
  • Perfect for Petrolheads: 9 videos featuring Porsche Sports & Supercars

    13th June 2016

    Perfect for Petrolheads: 9 videos featuring Porsche Sports & Supercars Porsche. To many this iconic name immediately springs to mind a few things; curvaceous body designs, bombproof German engineering, a sports car for the masses, rear-mounted Boxer engines, speed, handling and perhaps the unfortunate image of an eighties yuppie in a red 911 Cabriolet. However you think of Porsche, this is a company with a racing history as deep and rich than most, and performance sports cars that are not only aspirational but which are actually within reach. I've been fortunate enough to visit the incredible Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany, and learning. Read more
  • Perfect for Petrolheads: 9 videos featuring Lamborghini supercars

    9th May 2016

    Perfect for Petrolheads: 9 videos featuring Lamborghini supercars Ferruccio Lamborghini was rich and powerful, making his wealth from a tractor factory established just after World War II. In the early 1960s, Ferruccio approached Ferrari and asked them to build him a special car, but they refused, stating they already sold those, and he could choose one of the models they already built. Bad move. Off the back of this, Ferruccio decided he wanted to built sports cars that would compete with Ferrari - something many thought he was crazy to do. Still, he went ahead and Automobili Ferruccio Lamboghini was formed in 1963, and - quite unbelievably - by 1964. Read more
  • Perfect for Petrolheads: 10 videos featuring Ferrari supercars

    25th April 2016

    Perfect for Petrolheads: 10 videos featuring Ferrari supercars Ferrari. Possibly one of the world's most well-known brands, and a manufacturer name synonymous with red supercars, Formula 1 racing and producing huge amounts of merchandise - a lot of it tacky. Whether they can afford one or not, Ferrari's worldwide army of utterly devoted fans worship the prancing horse symbol to the point of fanaticism, and should you drive one through even the tiniest Italian town, the car is likely to be mobbed by a crowd of admirers. Like them or not, Ferrari's cars have a certain romanticism about them that few cars or manufacturers achieve. These hand-picked videos. Read more
  • Perfect for Petrolheads; 10 Videos Featuring Koenigsegg Hypercars

    12th April 2016

    Perfect for Petrolheads; 10 Videos Featuring Koenigsegg Hypercars What were you doing at the age of 22? Probably the normal stuff most of us do, right? Working to earn enough to go on holiday a couple of times a year, buying the occasional car or motorbike, hating every day at your sucky job, perhaps. In 1994, and at that same age, Christian von Koenigsegg had just launched his own hypercar company in Sweden, with a sole mission: to create the perfect Supercar, and Koenigsegg was born. After the early prototypes had serious interest shown, production was worthy of starting and in 2002 a series production of the Koenigsegg CC8S started, and they've gone. Read more
  • Perfect for Petrolheads; 9 Cool Videos Featuring Pagani Hypercars

    4th April 2016

    Perfect for Petrolheads; 9 Cool Videos Featuring Pagani Hypercars Italian manufacturer Pagani build the most sought-after supercars - no, sorry, hypercars - on the market today. They're also incredibly rare, and even in the depths of London during 'supercar season' - as it's known - while dozens of Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Rolls Royce cars strut their stuff, a Pagani is scarcely seen. Exquisitely finished cabins, massively powerful turbocharged V12 engines, 200+ miles-per-hour max speeds, masses of carbon fibre, beautiful paintwork, price tags of £650,000 upwards and over 700 horsepower, Pagani's hypercars are at another level compared with the. Read more
  • 9 Hugely Exciting & Inspiring Motoring Videos

    15th March 2016

    9 Hugely Exciting & Inspiring Motoring Videos For most, our everyday lives consist of a dull commute to work on overloaded roads, crushed in with stressed, bored drivers who want to be anywhere but there. On a weekend, the we're lucky if we can escape the rat-run and take a blast down a country road or two, but even then we're always on the lookout for speed cameras or dawdling ancient Honda Jazz drivers. Like many, I love a bit of escapism, because if I can't do the real thing it does my mind good to at least see others that can, and it's also inspirational to be more adventurous, to see there's more to life than slow drives on a. Read more
  • Custom Car Paintwork - A Personal Choice

    28th February 2016

    Custom Car Paintwork - A Personal Choice Personalising your car is just that - you're making it fit your personality. Owner go to great lengths to take their motor from characterless to conspicuous, and in many different ways, including engine tuning, overhauling the interior and fitting a ground-shaking sound system. But it's guaranteed that if there's one thing to make your car stand out, and to put your soul on display, it's a custom car paint job. In a way, customised car paint jobs are like tattoos - there are terrible ones and amazingly realistic ones. I've been to a lot of auto shows over the years, so I've seen my share. Read more
  • Five Ultimate Gifts for the Car Lover

    17th February 2016

    Five Ultimate Gifts for the Car Lover If a friend, your other half or a family member are really into their motors, and you're stuck for buying them a present for whatever occasion, then look no further, because this guide is designed to covered exactly that - and for a range of budgets too - with our five awesome gifts for the car lover. The track day experience Aside from physically being given a car as a gift, there's nothing much much more exciting than being given the gift of a track day experience. I was bought one over 11 years ago, and I still haven't forgotten how good it was! It's perhaps the car enthusiasts ultimate. Read more
  • Need assistance with your Chipex touch up kit? Now one of our approved applicators can come to your rescue!

    5th February 2016

    Need assistance with your Chipex touch up kit? Now one of our approved applicators can come to your rescue! Find your nearest officially approved applicator for professional help applying your Chipex kit... Our Chipex kits are designed to be as simple and quick to use as possible. In fact, we created our car touch up paint kits with the sole intention of our customers being able to use the kits at home, so that they could take care of paintwork damage themselves and not have to rely on a body shop ever again. Of course, for this scenario the kits had to be incredibly easy to use; so that even the beginner user would feel comfortable and confident taking on the repair work themselves. And we think. Read more
  • Choosing the Best Car Pressure Washer For Your Budget

    3rd February 2016

    Choosing the Best Car Pressure Washer For Your Budget No matter the time of year, having your own car pressure washer can be a handy piece of kit to own. If you live in the countryside, cars get especially dirty from mud off the fields, which then turns to heavy dust or muck when the rain comes. Each journey can leave your car filthy, and having to pay for even one car wash per week could add up to almost £300. For that kind of money, it's definitely worth buying a decent car pressure washer. If you want to keep your agricultural machinery clean too, you're going to need something with serious power behind it, so I'll cover for that in this. Read more
  • Eight Cool & Handy Car Gadgets for Winter

    17th December 2015

    Eight Cool & Handy Car Gadgets for Winter The car is much like a mobile extension of our house or office. It's a place to work from on a laptop pinching the nearest shop's wifi connection while huddled over a takeout coffee and croissant. It's a place to socialise with your best mates as you head out of town on a short break. Or it can be a place in which we'll spend ages as we push on hundreds of miles on the road trip of a lifetime. Heck, it can even double as a mobile B&B on wheels if you have a camper van of some sort. The thing is, we all like our creature comforts, no matter what we're using them for, and that means piling. Read more
  • Merry Chipmas! Our Christmas opening hours...

    11th December 2015

    Merry Chipmas! Our Christmas opening hours... With Christmas fast approaching, we wanted to let everyone know when we would be off enjoying our Christmas holidays. Our paint shop team do brilliant work all year round, so it’s only fair that they deserve a little bit of time off over the festive period (don’t we all?!) For that reason, our paint shop will be shut over Christmas and New Year. The exact opening times, and last day for Christmas deliveries are: December 18th - last day for guaranteed deliveries before Christmas Day in the UK (we’ll still dispatch orders until midday on the 24th December) December 24th - paint shop. Read more
  • How To Look After Your Car's Paint Chip Repairs

    8th December 2015

    How To Look After Your Car's Paint Chip Repairs The Chipex paint chip repair system is a brilliant one. It is quick, simple and easy to use, and highly cost-effective in comparison to other chip repair systems too. Your car's bumper, bonnet and front wings can go from looking ugly from a road rash of stone chips, to looking sleek and fresh once more, thanks to the Chipex 100% colour-match guarantee. Once you've repaired the paint chips though, there's something else you can do further ensure than the chipped areas remain looking great for a long time to come. How? By using sealants and waxes after the job is complete. Just washing your. Read more
  • Should You Fit Different Tyres For Winter?

    2nd December 2015

    Should You Fit Different Tyres For Winter? Let's face it, the past couple of winters in the UK consisted of mainly overcast, slightly chilly and rainy/sleeting days with the occasional short-lived flurry of snow. Heck, even the weather casters couldn't do the whole massive over-hype reports, because there simply wasn't anything to hype! For those who paid to have winter tyres fitted, the lack of physical need for them must have been quite frustrating, as it would have been for all the tyre centres who stocked up on them in the hope there'd be blizzards and freezing temperatures. In countries such as Norway, Austria, Finland and. Read more
  • How to clean, protect and add longevity to your car's leather seats

    25th November 2015

    How to clean, protect and add longevity to your car's leather seats I hate it when this happens. You see a car for sale on the web within your price bracket. Checking the description, it all looks great. There's plenty of service history, a long MOT to run, and the previous ones to go with it, plus a folder full of receipts. As you flick through the images, the paintwork is gleaming (maybe they used a Chipex kit!),  there are no dents or scratches to speak of, and the engine bay looks like you could eat off it. Awesome. And then you come to the interior photos. How on earth are those leather seats so badly cracked, even torn in places? Is this simply a scam. Read more
  • How To De-Mist Your Car's Windscreen Quickly

    6th November 2015

    How To De-Mist Your Car's Windscreen Quickly As Autumn deepens, rains become more frequent and the temperature starts to drop as we inevitably head towards wintertime. With the cold and damp comes an annoyance for drivers; a misted-up windscreen. Yes, it's surprising how something so seemingly inconsequential can exasperate us so much! Jump in your car ready, already late for work, and from the moment you turn the key, the windscreen mists over like some giant has just breathed all over it. This is because the temperature of your body has instantly warmed the car just enough for that cold glass to react to the heat. Sometimes it seems. Read more
  • Chipex Racing 2015

    1st November 2015

    Chipex Racing 2015 Find about all of the races, events and triathlons our CEO took on in 2015... Country to Capital 45 Mile Ultra Marathon - January 2015  A double length marathon to kick off the New Year! The Country to Capital starts of near Wendover and takes you on a cross country route that eventually joins up with the Grand Union Canal and all the way into the welcoming site of Little Venice. Pilgrim 66 Mile Ultra Marathon - February 2015  Two back-to-back days of racing though the lovely Surrey countryside This out and back two day 66 mile Ultra takes you across the hilly North Downs and the. Read more
  • How to Care for your Car's Exterior Trim | Chipex Blog

    26th October 2015

    How to Care for your Car's Exterior Trim | Chipex Blog Plenty of cars, both old and newer models, suffer from the exterior trim looking faded and tired - the original rich black of the plastic and rubber stripped away from the bumpers, door handles, side mirror casings, windscreen cowling and more, until it's a dull, matte shade of grey, or worse it’s beginning to crack. Often, you’ll see cars driving about that have a deep gloss to the paintwork, and it’s clearly looked after in that way, but the external trim has lost its depth and looks bleached. Vinyl plastic roof before treatment (L) and after treatment (R)   But why does car. Read more
  • How to get rid of bad car interior odours

    16th October 2015

    How to get rid of bad car interior odours Does your car interior smell bad? Perhaps you’re wondering why it does, and how to get to back to it being fresh again. Here are a few reasons why that might be so, and what to do a about it. Causes of a stinky car cabin Let’s go through the obvious stuff first. If you’ve not cleaned your car’s cabin for a long while, naturally it will start to gather dust and grime. The more regularly you drive your vehicle, the dustier it’ll be. Even if you give the dash and centre console a wipe over, it’s the hidden stuff that create the musty smell; crumbs from food down the side of the. Read more
  • How to remove bug splats, and which products to use

    9th October 2015

    How to remove bug splats, and which products to use Bug splats are an absolute nightmare to those of us who like to keep our car’s as clean as possible. Why? Because they’re an absolute pain in the backside to remove! One warm evening in summer, a friend I was dropping off after a day out told me to take the scenic route home. They were right, the scenery was fantastic; an awesome sunset, empty stretches of tree-lined roads, lined by rock walls set in the beauty of true Yorkshire landscape. Fantastic. But I’ll not take that route again in summertime. While I was driving, I could hear what sounded like raindrops on the windscreen, but. Read more
  • How and Why to Keep Your Car Windscreen Clean

    2nd October 2015

    How and Why to Keep Your Car Windscreen Clean With Autumn here, and Winter to follow, the sun starts to sink lower in the sky, and as that happens, driving in heavy traffic becomes difficult and dangerous. A good pair of sunglasses help hugely, but something that'll aid your visibility further is have a clean windscreen. Trying to see ahead is ridiculously hard when you have a treacherous combination of that low-lying sun - which always sits in the low position at rush-hour - a screen covered in smeared bug guts and general greasy road grime such as diesel and ice-melting salt, and the inside of the glass being dirty, and you've got a. Read more
  • The Best Products for Cleaning Car Wheels | Chipex Blog

    25th September 2015

    The Best Products for Cleaning Car Wheels | Chipex Blog Keeping your paintwork looking fresh, clean and with a super depth of shine is great, but I've often come across cars at meets and shows where the paint looks amazing, but the wheels simply haven't been looked after. People tend to forget that wheels often get way dirtier than paintwork, and they're often not cleaned as well, as it's time-consuming getting around every spoke, into the wheel nut holes, and making sure any design indentation are thoroughly clean. The problem is that wheels are constantly attacked by not just road grime, but something far worse: brake dust. The tiny metal. Read more
  • Which Car Shampoos are Best for Car Paintwork? | Chipex Blog

    18th September 2015

    Which Car Shampoos are Best for Car Paintwork? | Chipex Blog On more than a few occasions, I've winced as I see people squirt a load of washing up liquid into a bucket, fill it with warm water, watch as suds galore overflow, soak a sponge and begin to scrub away gleeful as their car goes from dirty to clean. Why wince though, you say! After all, they're doing good keeping their car looking shiny, right? Well, yes and no. Firstly, let's tackle using why washing up liquid is bad for your car's paintwork. Fairy, Stardrops, Persil and other brands you can think of, are designed to clean dishes and pots and pans, soaking through stuck-on food effectively. Read more
  • What is road rash and why is fixing it so important?

    14th September 2015

    What is road rash and why is fixing it so important? Everything you need to know about your car’s annoying skin problem Here on the Chipex blog, we often refer to ‘road rash’ when we’re talking about car paint chips and what causes them. If you haven’t been afflicted by car paint chips very much (lucky you!) maybe you’re not totally sure what we mean by the term road rash. We thought it would be a good idea to clear up what we mean when we talk about road rash, and the effect it can have on your car’s paintwork. What is road rash? Road rash is the term used to describe the scratches and markings that spoil your car’s paintwork. Read more
  • Rust Treatment For Cars

    1st September 2015

    Rust Treatment For Cars Rust is the blight which effects cars around the world. If you're fortunate enough to live in a warm, dry climate like California, it's a much easier battle keeping it at bay. However, for those of us in the U.K. where the climate is perfect for honing those dark brown patches on your vehicle's bodywork, it's a real pain keeping it from worsening. So, what causes rust on cars? In an interesting article from PopularMechanics.com, it states; 'Rust is the layman's term for the electrochemical breakdown of iron-based metals called oxidation. In this process surface molecules react with oxygen. Read more
  • Car Paint Suppliers

    18th August 2015

    Car Paint Suppliers Spray painting stuff is fun - fact. It doesn't matter what level you're painting at, or what you're actually spraying, it's all good. If you're a professional spray painter, and you've helped take a rusted-out classic back to looking like it just rolled out the factory doors for the first time 40 years ago, there must be absolutely immense satisfaction in that. The same could be said of the crazy skills of the guys that paint life-like  pictures onto bodywork using the airbrushing technique, or the amazingly steady hand of the single Coachline Painter who hand-paints the lines on. Read more
  • Chipex Touch Up Paint versus Car Paint Pen | Chipex Blog

    10th August 2015

    Chipex Touch Up Paint versus Car Paint Pen | Chipex Blog   The car touch-up paint pen has its uses, certainly, but at the same time it's always better to go with a more permanent and better fix for car paint chips and light scratches - the Chipex seamless car touch-up system. However, just because I'm writing this Chipex blog doesn't mean I'm going to be entirely negative about the touch-up pen. Indeed, I've used them myself to good effect, so let's go over both the positives and drawbacks of them. Firstly though, what is a car touch-up paint pen? They vary, and there are the coloured paint type you can get from motoring stores, but in this. Read more
  • How to Spray Paint Your Car on a Budget

    31st July 2015

    How to Spray Paint Your Car on a Budget Sometimes, a scratch or scuff on your car's bodywork is just too deep and wide to be able to use a paint repair kit, and the panel may need respraying instead. However, if money is tight and you simply can't afford  to have it done professionally, or your car isn't worth spending that kind of cash on, the other option is to do it yourself. We're talking aerosol cans here, and not a compressor and paint gun. Daunting? Yes, but it can easily be done to a level where it at least looks much better than a nasty gouge running across the bodywork. Some panels will be harder to spray than others,. Read more
  • How to Repair Car Paint Stone Chips

    17th July 2015

    How to Repair Car Paint Stone Chips Stone chips are the blight of any car owner who regularly uses the motorway. Flung at already-high speeds, your car then hurtles towards these miniature rocks with impending doom. The loud 'whack!' as the stonehits the bodywork makes you cringe, and it's guaranteed there's now a tiny crater where it mashed itself into your car's paintwork. Whether you've collected a dozen of these or just one, they're an ugly eyesore and they need repairing, as they can start to bubble out once water gets underneath the paint, and even rust if subject to harsh winter road salt and sub-zero conditions. Some. Read more
  • Car Respray Cost v Chipex Paint Repair System

    10th July 2015

    Car Respray Cost v Chipex Paint Repair System If you're proud of your car, and those ugly paint chips up front are really starting to bug you, you'll perhaps be thinking of having the bumper or bonnet resprayed. Having your car resprayed though,  no matter the section or part, is a pain for more reasons than one. First up, you have to take time out to get the valuation. That means darting out on a lunchtime at work, or going on a weekend when you'd really just like to be relaxing in front of the TV or spending time with family or friends. Right, you've got your evaluation, and after a stiff drink to steady the nerves and having pushing. Read more
  • The Many Types of Car Paint Finishes

    29th June 2015

    The Many Types of Car Paint Finishes Henry Ford once wrote in his autobiography of the Ford Model T:  "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black". It's a common misconception that the Model T was only available in black, when in actual fact in the first years of its production (1908 - 1913) it was sold in grey, green, blue and red, with the quicker-drying black only really being introduced in 1914 to save time on the production line. Thankfully, cars come in a rainbow's worth of choice now, and we can often choose the one to suit when buying a new vehicle. If you like a good choice of. Read more
  • How to Find and Use Car Paint Codes

    22nd June 2015

    How to Find and Use Car Paint Codes Car paint codes - not the most exciting topic, I'll grant you, but an important necessity when you're in need of painting an area of your vehicle, or getting the right match for a Chipex paint chip repair system. When it comes to paint shades, Chipex and professional sprayers will require the vehicle paint code in order to get a 100% perfect match. You cannot simply ask for a colour because there are so many different shades of it. The Bentley Mulsanne, for example, has no less than 8 different blacks,  16  silvers, 11 greens and 22 blues. And that's just a few of their standard choices.. Read more
  • How To Repair Car Paint Scratches

    15th June 2015

    How To Repair Car Paint Scratches Walking out to my newly-purchased Lexus LS 400 one morning, it wasn't until I was a feet away that I realised someone had run a knife edge across two of the door, one of them deeply. It's wasn't a new car, or expensive at all - merely a 1998 model costing less then £2,000. However, it had been machine polished until the Astral Black paint reflected deeply and as good as it would have done in the showroom when originally sold. The long paint scratch on my LS 400 came just one day after it had been polished, and it was done to a car I had immense pride in. If you've ever had this done to your. Read more
  • How To Clean Your Car's Interior

    14th April 2015

    How To Clean Your Car's Interior Often, car owners take much care and pride in the exterior of their vehicle using a good shampoo, polish and wax to keep it pristine, while paint chips or scratches can be taken care of using the excellent Chipex paint touchup system. However, many either neglect the interior completely or only give the dash and centre console the occasional wipe-down, and hoover the carpets and seats even less frequently. The thing is, you're doing both yourself and your car a dis-service by only cleaning it sporadically. So, why clean your car's interior? Unless you vacuum your car regularly, every time you. Read more
  • How to Use a Chipex Kit for Bumper Damage | Chipex Blog

    25th February 2015

    How to Use a Chipex Kit for Bumper Damage | Chipex Blog Ferrari 328 bumper before using Chipex Ferrari 328 bumper after using Chipex Like many, you take pride in your car’s appearance. When it gets dirty you wash it or have it washed, then it has a coat of wax lovingly applied and it’s looking great once more... that is until you get to a section of the car and notice a slight scuff, or maybe stone chips appearing from that last motorway blast. Infuriating, isn’t it. Whether you simply like to keep your car looking its best, or are getting it looking good for selling (experts reckon you can add £200 and upwards to the value of your car by. Read more
  • Competition - Win a £150 Valet for your Car!

    16th February 2015

    Competition - Win a £150 Valet for your Car! GIVE YOUR CAR SOME TENDER LOVING CARE. WIN £150 VOUCHER TO SPEND AT YOUR LOCAL PROFESSIONAL CAR VALETER. If you love looking after your car you will love this competition! Win a £150 voucher to spend on your car at your local professional valeter from Pro-Valet. How to Enter All you need to do is: 1. Head to our Facebook Page 2. Like it (unless you have done so already!) 3. Like, comment, share and tag your friends on the relevant Valet competition post   N.B. Bonus entries for people who tag and share the post!   How do the Entries Work You will be entered into the competition. Read more
  • Find out How to Clean your Car Properly | Chipex Blog

    23rd January 2015

    We guide you through what’s good and bad when it comes to cleaning your car. A useful and easy to follow route to keeping your paint clean and in top nick. Read more
  • How to Drive Safely during the Winter | Chipex Blog

    11th December 2014

    How to Drive Safely during the Winter | Chipex Blog Opening your house door one morning in winter, you step out into an unexpected blizzard. The temperature has dropped rapidly through the night and it's snow snowing heavily, and underneath it ice has taken grip too. Struggling to your car, you realise that you've left your one and only ice scraper somewhere in the house. You push aside the snow on your windscreen in the hope it won't be frozen underneath - but it is. Your fingers now numb, you pull open the car door with difficultly and jump inside, go to fire the engine and... nothing happens, just that dreaded clicking noise you get when. Read more
  • Chipex Racing 2014

    1st December 2014

    Chipex Racing 2014 Find out about all of the races, triathlons and sporting events our CEO took on during 2014.... Manchester Marathon - April 2014  26 miles through the streets of Manchester The Manchester marathon has to be one of the best in the UK for those wanting a quick time and going for a personal best (PB) or the elusive sub 3 hour! It has a wonderful atmosphere with music bands dotted along the whole 26.2 mile course so as to keep the 10,000 athletes entertained or distracted - depending on one’s point of view! Due to the lower entry numbers than the London Marathon there is plenty of space to. Read more
  • Protecting Your Car Paint From Winter Damage | Chipex Blog

    25th November 2014

    Protecting Your Car Paint From Winter Damage | Chipex Blog Winter is just around the corner, and protecting your car against corrosion and rust through these months is essential if you want to keep it in good condition. After buying or renting a property, a car is usually the second-most expensive purchase you'll make. We spend thousands buying them, and hundreds per year maintaining them. Protecting you car's paintwork is a close second to regular mechanical maintenance, as in either case you can end up with a hefty bill should they end up damaged through lack of care. Winter is an especially-damaging time if you live in countries where it means. Read more
  • COMPETITION - Win 3 Tickets to Goodwood Revival Worth £195

    10th August 2014

    Win 3 tickets (for you & your two best friends) to Goodwood Revival on Sunday 14th September 2014 - Worth £195 Read more
  • Our Shiny New Chipex Blog is Live!

    12th February 2014

    The time has finally come – we at Chipex are bursting with excitement to announce our brand new website and are proud to call this home! We’re settling in nicely now and ready to share all our expertise on car paint repair with you and much, much more besides. Read more