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Is car glaze really necessary when it comes to repairing paintwork?

Car Glaze | Chipex

In the world of car paint and car repairs, there are a lot of terms bandied around, a lot of products that we all supposedly ‘must have’. Here at Chipex, we like to do everything we can to make sure that your car repair work is as straightforward as possible, and we understand that sometimes that includes cutting through the jargon and explaining what these new words and phrases mean. The product in question this time? Car glaze.

What exactly is car glaze?

Car glaze is what gives your car paint its shine -  so rather than being a matte, dull, solid colour when you’ve finished your car paint repair work, the paint will then be much brighter, much more reflective and overall much more attractive. Car glaze is generally clear or transparent, and  is really the ‘icing on top of the cake’ that makes paintwork look shiny and new. Plus, as an added bonus, it can often be the final layer of protection that reduces the risk of any future paintwork damage happening.

Does your car repair really need it?

If you took your car to a professional body shop to be resprayed, they would use the coloured paint itself first, and follow up with a car glaze. Choosing to glaze a car in this way does really give your car that extra shiny coating that looks so great. Also, it’s more than likely that your original car paint had a car glaze painted over the top, so if there’s suddenly an area of repair paintwork without a glaze, it will be really obvious, and stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Car Glaze | Chipex A lot of you may be experiencing a dilemma; you know you’ll definitely need car glaze in order for your car’s repair work to look professional, but you’re probably (understandably) begrudging the fact that you may have to pay extra money for the necessity on top of the cost of everything you've already bought for your paintwork repair.

So, how can we here at Chipex help?

When you order your Chipex car paint touch up kit, we custom formulate your paint to not only match it your original car paint colour, but also to include everything else you will need to make sure that your paintwork repair is looking perfect. That means that it’s formulated with all of the protective elements your car needs to look as good as it did originally - and car glaze is included in this. Our kits also arrive with a polish, that you apply to your freshly treated paintwork, to give it an extra shiny glaze, too.

So, there’s no need to splash out any extra cash - at Chipex, we’ve thought of everything to make sure that your car’s paintwork repair is completely taken care of in your own home, as perfectly as if you’d taken it to a professional.

We hope you’re now feeling confident about what car glaze is and why you need it! For your own Chipex paint kit, head over to our Shop page, and if you would like any more information about anything to do with car paint repair, please visit our FAQ page.