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A guide to the different types of car paint

The fact is that any paintwork damage to any kind of paintwork is a pain and looks terrible. If your car suffers from chips and scratches, you want to get rid of them, and maybe you're now at the stage where you're thinking of buying a Chipex kit to tidy up your car's appearance. Good decision.

Types of Car Paint | ChipexThe problem might be that you're not sure of type of car paint it is that you're touching up. Most people are great when it comes to the colour of their car paint (and if they're not sure exactly, they at least know where to look to find out) but when it comes to paint type, there seems to be a bit of ambiguity.

There's no need to worry, because Chipex can provide any kind of car paint you might need to use alongside your touch up kit. But it's a good idea to know what you're working with, and to know what type you need for future reference.

Chipex are here to put an end to any doubt you might have, with our simple guide to different types of car paint. Perhaps what you're looking for falls into one of these categories?

Two Pack Paint

This is the most common type of paint used by car manufacturers, and most likely the type of paint you'll need for your touch up kit. It's a paint made from a mixture of acrylic paint and a hardening agent, so it gives a smooth, solid covering of colour and removes any need for the manufacturer to use a separate clear coat to finish the paint. Happily, as this is the most common type of car paint used, it always works really well with a touch up kit, and your paintwork damage will be taken care of easily.

Acrylic Enamel

This type of car paint was used very commonly in the recent past and to be honest, it's not a great type of paint. It often leaves cars with a dull finish and chips easily. It's not used much for cars made nowada

Car Paint Types | Chipex

ys, so you'll probably only need this type of paint for your Chipex kit if your car is an older model. On the plus side, you'll definitely be getting the most out of your kit if you need this paint, as you'll be touching up a lot of chips!

Metallic or Pearlescent

This is a bit more of a stylish option for car paint. It's not so run of the mill and common as Two Pack Paint, but that's not to say it's a rare sight. Most car manufacturers offer customers a few colours that come in a metallic or pearlescent finish. They look glossy and shiny, cars with type of paint definitely need to be touched up if any damage occurs to their surface - it will totally spoil the look if they're not!


This is definitely a more rare type of car paint, and one that you'll definitely notice driving by! If you own a car with matte finish paint, it's likely that you're very protective of it and want it to always be looking it's best. It's not as easy to formulate replacement paint for a matte finish car, but it can still be done if you need it!

Hopefully after reading our guide you'll feel more confident about the type of car paint you need to use alongside your Chipex kit, and can start ordering what you need to get you car looking as good as new again!