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Feefo Reviews

  • 4 star 15-Jan-2017

    Service rating : Comprehensive materials with excellent instructions - very easy to apply and produced a good enough result to avoid extra expense of using a professional repair firm
    Product : well explained 3 stage process gave you a good chance of making a decent repair job

  • 5 star 15-Jan-2017

    The website was easy to navigate and very informative, I haven't used the product yet as winter has set in and I need to wait for a dry and non frosty day. The kit arrived very quickly and looks ok but only time will tell. My car can't be any worse after Ive used the touch up than it is at the moment.

  • 5 star 14-Jan-2017

    I've ordered from Chipex previously, so I had no issue with ordering from them again. The produced is exactly as described and delivered within a couple of days. 100% colour match to your car, so great for them little stone chips etc.

  • 5 star 13-Jan-2017

    Very pleased with the kit. Excellent service from Chipex

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Facebook Reviews

- Had something or someone having a dislike to my 2013 Seat Leon FR hence I ended up with a scratch 140cm in length along the passenger's door panel. I was going to have it resprayed untill a friend recommended Chipex. He said he had used this product on stone chips and the results were better than he had expected, and as the scratch on my car was not very deep Chipex would do the job.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first and it did take some time to pluck up the courage to start the job in hand as I have never attempted to take on any paint work on my car before now.

My first attempt was a disaster; this was down to not allowing the paint to dry enough before applying the blending solution. My second attempt was much better, I applied a light base coat of the paint and allowed it to dry for about four minutes before applying the blending solution using light up and down movements over the painted area. After about an hour I applied a second coat of paint and again allowing four to five minutes to dry before rubbing lightly with the blending solution.

The paint was a perfect match and blended in very well, and once I had applied the polish that was in the kit, you could not see that there had been any scratches unless you knew where to look.

Chipex has saved me having to have the door resprayed, it is a superb product and they delver a great service
- Received the Kit yesterday and got to work on the car as soon as I got in from work.

I prepared the cars paintwork as described in the instructions and followed the rest of the steps. The first try the paint came out of the deep scratch as I had not let the paint dry enough before using the blending solution.

The second try I let the paint dry longer and used plenty of blending solution with a fresh part of the cloth then finished off with the Polish. All I can say is what a result as you can see in the pictures below.

Great product by far the best I have used.
- Bought this with a little scepticism given previous experiences with quick fixes, however, really impressed with the finish and easy of application. After a little practice and confidence that I wasn't going to wreck my paint, I managed to make the repair look good and hardly noticeable unless really close up and known already. Ventured to a couple of other chips and was able to quickly make repairs. Well recommended for colour match, price and application/finish.
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  • Ferrari Before Touch Up Paint Example - Chipex Ferrari Before
  • Ferrari After Touch Up Paint Example - Chipex Ferrari After
  • Mercedes Before Touch Up Paint Example - Chipex Mercedes Before
  • Mercedes After Touch Up Paint Example - Chipex Mercedes After
  • BMW Before Touch Up Paint Example - Chipex BMW Before
  • BMW After Touch Up Paint Example - Chipex BMW After
  • Subaru Before Touch Up Paint Example - Chipex Subaru Impreza Before
  • Subaru After Touch Up Paint Example - Chipex Subaru Impreza After
  • BMW Before Touch Up Paint Example - Chipex BMW Before
  • BMW After Touch Up Paint Example - Chipex BMW After