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Chemical Chameleon Wheel Cleaner 500ml

Price: £13.99

You'll only need a little bit of our Wheel Cleaner to get your wheels back to showroom condition in no time!

Our formula reacts with iron in rust and turns it into a water soluble solution - that you can rinse straight off with water. It’s been specially designed to work on any surface, even if it’s angled or vertical, so you can clean those extra hard to reach areas.

To make it even easier for you (can it get easier?!) the formula changes colour to let you know exactly when it has worked. It’s also PH neutral and doesn’t contain any corrosive chemicals, so it’s completely safe to use on any type of wheel - including your precious alloys!

  • Restores wheels to showroom conditions
  • Turns solid brake dust into a solution that rinses off
  • Changes colour to signify areas that need attention
  • Can be used on any type of wheel
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It’s a high performance formula of active ingredients that quickly, chemically removes iron, and all other types of road debris from all wheels, including alloys

• PH Neutral - does not contain any corrosive acids or alkalis

• Only a small amount needed for excellent results

• Cleans even inaccessible and difficult to reach areas of the wheel


• Use the trigger spray action to apply to all areas of your wheel - it will produce a clear, colourless film

• This film will change colour to burgundy to signify areas that require fresh water rinsing

• This is then easily removable with low or high pressure water - you can use anything from a pressure washer, hose pipe, to a sponge wash