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Ultra Glide Microfibre Aftercare Cloth

Price: £3.99

Our specially designed Microfibre cloth keeps your paintwork looking extra shiny and smear free!

When you’ve taken the time to lovingly repair your car’s paintwork, you’ll want to make sure that it’s properly looked after - and now you can have the perfect way of polishing your repairs.

Use our Microfibre cloth with our Chipex kit for completely smooth and shiny paintwork, and from then on, whenever you feel like it needs some extra polish. The best thing about our cloth is the fact that the material is specially designed to attract excess dirt, dust and grease, and remove it from your paintwork. It’s also extra smooth, so it gets rid of all the debris on your car’s surface, even the bits you can’t see, without scratching like regular cloths can. This ultra-gentle approach means that the cloth works brilliantly both ways; it can be used to care for repaired paint and to prepare your original paintwork, so it’s totally ready for seamless repair using your Chipex kit.

So you can confidently use our Microfibre Cloth to buff your freshly repaired car paintwork, with no concern about all of your effort being smudged or dulled. Our cloth makes sure your paintwork stays looking impressive long after you’ve put your Chipex kit away.

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Our Microfibre cloths are perfect for polishing your car and adding a little extra shine to your paintwork repairs. The material picks up and removes any traces of dirt or debris, so you won’t scratch your paintwork while you’re cleaning - it will leave behind only your sparkling new car paint.