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American Motors Touch Up Paint

American Motors

American Motors, or AMC, was an automobile manufacturer that was formed by a major 1954 merger, the biggest merger in US history at the time. Defunct since the 1980s, their catalogue of models - now vintage, rare and precious to those who drive them - included the stunning and distinctive AMC Matador Coupe, the highly-styled, Mustang-inspired entrant into the 'pony car' market, and the popular muscle car version of the AMC Rebel, known as The Machine.

What is road rash?

Road rash is more than just an annoyance to AMC drivers. A consequence of stone chips from the road scraping against car bodywork and leaving paint scratches, road rash speeds up vehicle aging. AMC models are already vintage; road rash is the last thing you want. Fortunately Chipex AMC Touch up Paint is capable of making your AMC vehicle look as new as it did when it rolled out of the manufacturing workshop.

How to apply the Chipex American Motors  touch up paint

Why choose Chipex American Motors Touch up Paint?

  • Colour match guarantee
  • Superior to traditional paints
  • Professional, seamless finish
  • Cheaper than a full respray
  • Cheaper than a repair by a professional paint scratch repair company
  • User-friendly, even for the most DIY-challenged
  • All accessories included
  • Simple instructions
  • Comes ready to apply
  • Available in three handy sizes
  • Increases the value of your vehicle