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Smart Touch Up Paint


Smart, manufacturer of the world's most stylish microcar, the Smart Fortwo, is a company that continues to grow influence. Now in its second generation, the Fortwo is marketed in 42 countries and sold 1.5 million units by mid-2013. Other models that have since been discontinued include the Smart Roadster, a sleek 2-door sports car famous for its appearance in the final chase scene of 2010 hit movie, Knight and Day, and the Smart Forfour, which was very popular during its production run and is scheduled to be making a comeback in electric form.

What is road rash?

Unfortunately, these nippy little cars have to put up with our abrasive roads spitting stone chips at them and leaving nasty scratches in the paintwork. This is known as road rash. But the solution to this scourge is luckily a very cheap, easy and wholly effective one: Chipex Smart Touch up Paint.

How to apply the Chipex Smart  touch up paint

Why choose Chipex Smart Touch up Paint?

  • Colour match guarantee
  • Superior to traditional paints
  • Professional, seamless finish
  • Cheaper than a full respray
  • Cheaper than a repair by a professional paint scratch repair company
  • User-friendly, even for the most DIY-challenged
  • All accessories included
  • Simple instructions
  • Comes ready to apply
  • Available in three handy sizes
  • Increases the value of your vehicle