Jul 14 2020

Top Tips – How can drivers prepare for a European Roadtrip?

With pandemic-related travel restrictions still in place for many parts of Europe, many would-be holidaymakers are looking to salvage their vacations by jumping in the car and disappearing to Europe.   Whether it’s a short trip to the South of France or a longer journey through Eastern Europe, we have pulled together a checklist for […]

Jun 25 2020

How UK driving habits have changed during lockdown

  It’s been 3 months since the UK lockdown was implemented and as the restrictions are beginning to ease we’re curious how the driving habits in the UK have changed and what it’s meant for the environment.     What national changes have we seen amongst UK drivers?   One of the biggest changes we’ve […]

Nov 15 2019

Ford vs Ferrari: Which is the most desirable brand worldwide?

  If you could choose between a Ford or a Ferrari, what would you pick? If the search engine stats are anything to go by, many countries are more inclined to search for Fords than Ferraris. However, recent research into who searches for each brand the most is quite revealing.    If you want to […]

Oct 21 2019

How do car names we know, translate in other languages?

Car names can seem very random and strange indeed, however most of them have secret meanings that you could never guess. We’re taking a look at the literal translations of popular car names to delve a little deeper into the brands…   Citroën  The literal translation of Citroen is Lemon, however the company name was […]

Sep 12 2019

How to get rid of small scuffs on your car

How to get rid of small scuffs on your car Small scuffs on your car can be an absolute nightmare. Even the tiniest scratch can really bug someone who takes pride in the appearance of their car, however, it’s so easy to pick up one of these nasty little scuffs. Often they can be picked […]

Sep 12 2019

The 5 best UK roads to drive on

The 5 best UK roads to drive on Driving in the UK can be an absolute pleasure. With lush green fields and architectural delights to enjoy along the way, there are some roads in the UK that are simply made for driving along. If you’re looking for a road trip, here are the 5 best […]

Jul 15 2019

How to spray paint your car in 6 easy steps with no issues

Spraying your car can seem like a mammoth task that involves risk. However, since car manufacturers use a car spraying technique to spray the car in the factory, spraying a car gives an almost airbrushed look.   For the times when you need to get the spray paint out to cover up larger scratches, take […]

Jul 15 2019

Concept Cars That Should’ve Made It to Production Modernised

1969 BMW 2800 Spicup   The 1969 SPICUP merges a spider and a coupe. Bringing this sassy, sporty car to modern times only took a few adjustments. We updated the grille to a modern BMW ‘double kidney’ signature and converted its identifiable hidden lamps to brooding LED’s. The innovative retractable three-piece roof was retained and […]

Jul 02 2019

Guide To Finding Your Car Colour Code & What It Means

Finding your car colour code is one of the most important parts of fixing a scratch on your paintwork. Luckily, with Chipex it couldn’t be easier to find the perfect colour match for your car. With our amazing touch up paint technology, your scratch will be completely concealed and no one will ever know you’ve […]

Jun 18 2019

10 Facts About Tesla You Need To Know

Tesla is the electric car that everyone is talking about. Whether you’ve got a Tesla, you want a Tesla, or you just love Elon Musk (and who doesn’t!), there are probably a few facts that will surprise you about the company. The automotive giant dominates the electric car space, and with good reason. But why […]

Jun 03 2019

6 steps to fixing a car scratch on your BMW

When you own a luxury car like a BMW, any scratch or mark that appears on your paintwork can be a real annoyance, especially if it’s a stone chip that’s snuck in out of nowhere. Many of us often avoid repairing a scratch on a BMW for fear that it will be a costly repair […]

May 22 2019

Everything you should know about our road rash kit

What is Road Rash? Road rash is the bane of every car-lovers life. The term road rash is usually used to refer to the scratches and chips that appear around the tyres and base of your car. No car can ever be fully protected from the dreaded road rash, as when you drive along it’s […]

May 08 2019

How To Look After Leather Car Seats

Leather car seats are of one of life’s little luxuries, and can look amazing when they’re new or well looked after. However, there’s something about the material that seems to age terribly. It needs a lot of care and attention to be able to pull off leather car seats, as the material tends to crack […]

Apr 24 2019

You have a dent & scratch on your car: what next?

Imagine the scenario: you’re returned to your car after leaving it parked all day, only to find that someone has bumped into you and left you with a hefty dent and scratch. If this scenario sounds familiar, the likelihood is that you are extremely annoyed and don’t know what to do about your damaged car. […]

Apr 16 2019

How to repair deep scratches on your car

Deep scratches on your car can be caused by anything from someone hitting their car door into you, to being hit by debris as you drive along. No matter how you ended up with a deep scratch on your car, it can be really annoying to look at. Often people want to do something about […]

Mar 27 2019

The Different Colours of a Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a firm favourite for reliability, affordability and it’s sleek aesthetic. In 2018, the Ford Fiesta topped the charts for the most sold car by a fair margin and in the years preceding that it featured regularly in the top three bestsellers. In the Fiesta, Ford have created a car that is […]

Mar 18 2019

Chipex Ultra Performance Miracle Detailer

Our Ultra Performance Miracle Detailer has gained a lot of attention recently for being an affordable and effective way to give your car a high shine gloss. Not only does your car benefit from surface protection that repels soiling and rain, you’ll get a gloss finish that makes your car look like it’s fresh from […]

Feb 18 2019

How To Repair Grit Paint Chips

There’s nothing worse than pulling into your drive, or parking your car on the road and doing a double take to realise that your paint has been chipped. To add insult to injury, you cast your mind back to your previous journey and realise it was grit from the road that did it. Whilst gritting […]

Feb 18 2019

How to check your tyre pressure before a long journey

It’s always important to try and check your tyre pressure from time to time, but especially when the weather’s colder. In the icy conditions that we’ve seen recently, it’s best to check your tyre pressure at least once a month, especially if you’re embarking on a long journey. It only takes a few minutes but […]

Feb 18 2019

How To Be Careful On A Gritted Road

Gritted roads can be a nightmare for drivers. Not only do we often end up stuck behind a grit spreader, when we’re near one our car can be in danger of grit damage. With the icy weather showing no signs of stopping, it’s important that our roads stay gritted, and that as drivers we are […]

Feb 18 2019

How to wax and polish your car after applying touch up paint

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when you see a great big scratch ruining the paintwork on your beloved car. And if you’ve ever wondered, hands on hips as you look at your vehicle, whether you can apply touch-up paint to your car with great results, the answer is yes. With Chipex Touch Up Paint, […]

Feb 04 2019

What is the UK’s favourite & most popular car colour?

What is the UK’s favourite & most popular car colour? How do you decide what colour car to buy? Black and white are usually the two main contenders for the top spot, however according to new reports from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) grey is the UK’s favourite car colour. Although black […]

Dec 04 2018

How To Clean Car Carpets

Why Clean Your Car Carpets? A dirty car interior can be physically dangerous or damaging to our health. Studies prove that cars can carry up to an incredible 1,700 times more bacteria than the average house! A university study found 283 different types of bacteria per square centimetre, with the boot/truck carrying around 850 bacteria types. […]

Nov 16 2018

How To Clean Your Car The Easy Way

There are loads of long how-to guides on washing your car. However, here’s a really quick, simple, and yet thorough guide to follow should you want to get your car nice and clean with straightforward instructions, and without using any ‘specialist’ products or equipment. How to wash your car You will need: a bucket, a […]