May 22 2019

Everything you should know about our road rash kit

What is Road Rash? Road rash is the bane of every car-lovers life. The term road rash is usually used to refer to the scratches and chips that appear around the tyres and base of your car. No car can ever be fully protected from the dreaded road rash, as when you drive along it’s […]

May 08 2019

How To Look After Leather Car Seats

Leather car seats are of one of life’s little luxuries, and can look amazing when they’re new or well looked after. However, there’s something about the material that seems to age terribly. It needs a lot of care and attention to be able to pull off leather car seats, as the material tends to crack […]

Apr 24 2019

You have a dent & scratch on your car: what next?

Imagine the scenario: you’re returned to your car after leaving it parked all day, only to find that someone has bumped into you and left you with a hefty dent and scratch. If this scenario sounds familiar, the likelihood is that you are extremely annoyed and don’t know what to do about your damaged car. […]

Apr 16 2019

How to repair deep scratches on your car

Deep scratches on your car can be caused by anything from someone hitting their car door into you, to being hit by debris as you drive along. No matter how you ended up with a deep scratch on your car, it can be really annoying to look at. Often people want to do something about […]

Mar 27 2019

The Different Colours of a Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a firm favourite for reliability, affordability and it’s sleek aesthetic. In 2018, the Ford Fiesta topped the charts for the most sold car by a fair margin and in the years preceding that it featured regularly in the top three bestsellers. In the Fiesta, Ford have created a car that is […]

Mar 18 2019

Chipex Ultra Performance Miracle Detailer

Our Ultra Performance Miracle Detailer has gained a lot of attention recently for being an affordable and effective way to give your car a high shine gloss. Not only does your car benefit from surface protection that repels soiling and rain, you’ll get a gloss finish that makes your car look like it’s fresh from […]

Feb 18 2019

How To Repair Grit Paint Chips

There’s nothing worse than pulling into your drive, or parking your car on the road and doing a double take to realise that your paint has been chipped. To add insult to injury, you cast your mind back to your previous journey and realise it was grit from the road that did it. Whilst gritting […]

Feb 18 2019

How to check your tyre pressure before a long journey

It’s always important to try and check your tyre pressure from time to time, but especially when the weather’s colder. In the icy conditions that we’ve seen recently, it’s best to check your tyre pressure at least once a month, especially if you’re embarking on a long journey. It only takes a few minutes but […]

Feb 18 2019

How To Be Careful On A Gritted Road

Gritted roads can be a nightmare for drivers. Not only do we often end up stuck behind a grit spreader, when we’re near one our car can be in danger of grit damage. With the icy weather showing no signs of stopping, it’s important that our roads stay gritted, and that as drivers we are […]

Feb 18 2019

How to wax and polish your car after applying touch up paint

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when you see a great big scratch ruining the paintwork on your beloved car. And if you’ve ever wondered, hands on hips as you look at your vehicle, whether you can apply touch-up paint to your car with great results, the answer is yes. With Chipex Touch Up Paint, […]

Feb 04 2019

What is the UK’s favourite & most popular car colour?

What is the UK’s favourite & most popular car colour? How do you decide what colour car to buy? Black and white are usually the two main contenders for the top spot, however according to new reports from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) grey is the UK’s favourite car colour. Although black […]

Dec 04 2018

How To Clean Car Carpets

Why Clean Your Car Carpets? A dirty car interior can be physically dangerous or damaging to our health. Studies prove that cars can carry up to an incredible 1,700 times more bacteria than the average house! A university study found 283 different types of bacteria per square centimetre, with the boot/truck carrying around 850 bacteria types. […]

Nov 16 2018

How To Clean Your Car The Easy Way

There are loads of long how-to guides on washing your car. However, here’s a really quick, simple, and yet thorough guide to follow should you want to get your car nice and clean with straightforward instructions, and without using any ‘specialist’ products or equipment. How to wash your car You will need: a bucket, a […]

Nov 13 2018

How To Protect Your Car Paint From Scratches and Chips

How to protect your car paint from scratches and chips Paint chips and scratches make your car look ugly, they de-valuate it, and they can lead to nasty rust patches too. Here’s our guide on how to protect your car’s paintwork against them. A few ways include: Wrap your bodywork with clear film vinyl. This […]

Aug 17 2017

Protecting Your Car Paint From Winter Damage

Winter is just around the corner, and protecting your car against corrosion and rust through these months is essential if you want to keep it in good condition. After buying or renting a property, a car is usually the second-most expensive purchase you’ll make. We spend thousands buying them, and hundreds per year maintaining them. […]

Aug 17 2017

Chipex racing 2014

Find out about all of the races, triathlons and sporting events our CEO took on during 2014…. Manchester Marathon – April 2014 26 miles through the streets of Manchester The Manchester marathon has to be one of the best in the UK for those wanting a quick time and going for a personal best (PB) […]

Aug 17 2017

How to Drive Safely during the Winter

Opening your house door one morning in winter, you step out into an unexpected blizzard. The temperature has dropped rapidly through the night and it’s snow snowing heavily, and underneath it ice has taken grip too. Struggling to your car, you realise that you’ve left your one and only ice scraper somewhere in the house. […]

Aug 17 2017

Find out How to Clean your Car Properly | Chipex Blog

A car is usually the second-most expensive thing you’ll buy after a house. You’re proud of it and so naturally you like to keep it looking clean and shiny, but actually some wash methods and products can be detrimental to your car’s exterior surfaces if used regularly. In this post, we’ll guide you through some […]

Aug 17 2017

How To Repair Car Bumper Paint Damage

Why repair car bumper damage? Scratch or chip damage anywhere on your car is ugly, and front and rear bumpers are the most susceptible to damage. A repair will increase the car’s value at when it comes time to sell. A chip or scratch can spread or worsen when exposed to extremes in temperature or […]

Aug 17 2017

How To Clean Your Car Interior

Often, car owners take much care and pride in the exterior of their vehicle using a good shampoo, polish and wax to keep it pristine, while paint chips or scratches can be taken care of using the excellent Chipex paint touchup system. However, many either neglect the interior completely or only give the dash and […]

Aug 17 2017

How To Repair Car Paint Scratches

Walking out to my newly-purchased Lexus LS 400 one morning, it wasn’t until I was a feet away that I realised someone had run a knife edge across two of the door, one of them deeply. It’s wasn’t a new car, or expensive at all – merely a 1998 model costing less then £2,000. However, […]

Aug 17 2017

How to Find and Use Car Paint Codes

Car paint codes – not the most exciting topic, I’ll grant you, but an important necessity when you’re in need of painting an area of your vehicle or getting the right match for a Chipex paint chip repair system. When it comes to car paint shades, Chipex and professional sprayers will require the vehicle paint code […]

Aug 17 2017

The Many Types of Car Paint Finishes

Henry Ford once wrote in his autobiography of the Ford Model T: “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black”. It’s a common misconception that the Model T was only available in black, when in actual fact in the first years of its production (1908 […]

Aug 17 2017

Chipex Paint Repair System vs Car Respray Cost

Which is best: paint chip repairs or car respray? If you’re proud of your car, and those ugly paint chips up front are really starting to bug you, you’ll perhaps be thinking of having some car paint repair work carried out. Having your car resprayed though, no matter the section or part, is a pain […]