I wish I has taken before and after photos because the difference is remarkable. The product is so easy to use with excellent results. Forget the costly reprays or the 'chip and fix' man, Chipex is far cheaper with a better result.

Edwin Nottingham in Bridgend

Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner


The Chipex Interior & Dashboard cleaner uses the latest technology to remove dust and dirt from your vehicle’s interior. This special formulation not only removes contaminants but prevents re-soiling due to its antistatic application leaving your car with a satin finish and new car fragrance.

  • Removes dust and dirt
  • Prevents re-soiling
  • Removes contaminants
  • 500 ml bottle



– Antistatic formulation repels dust and reduces re-soiling

– Produces a clean satin finish with fresh new car fragrance

– Solvent-free and safe to use on all interior trim surfaces

– Simply spray and wipe with no buffing required

– Keep out of reach of children

– If medical advice is needed show this container or label

– Chipex Dash & Interior contains amongst other ingredients:

    • < 5% Cationic Surfactants, Perfume

– 500ML bottle

Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner


1. How to use interior dash and trim cleaner


1. Wipe over any heavily-soiled trim areas (mud, spilt drinks/food etc) with a damp microfibre cloth to remove the worst of the dirt and grime.
2. Vacuum away any dust, crumbs and other things that are inside door pockets, cup holders, storage areas.
3. Take a fresh microfibre cloth, spray Chipex Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner directly onto the cloth and wipe over the areas, turning the cloth over regularly. There is no need to buff the product away afterwards as it is a simple spray-and-wipe process.
4. Chipex Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner is solvent-free and is safe for use on all interior trim surfaces.
5. Sit back and enjoy your clean car interior and the fresh, new-car fragrance our dash cleaner leaves behind.


2. Does our dash and trim cleaner make the dashboard reflect in the windscreen?


Dashboard reflections in your car’s windscreen are both distracting and annoying, and especially so when the sun is out. Unlike some dash cleaners, which leave behind a high-gloss shine and a slightly sticky/greasy film which attracts dust, Chipex Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner not only cleans the surface and has antistatic properties, but also gives a classy low-shine satin finish to trim, therefore cutting down on dash glare and reducing the amount of dush that would normally be attracted back to the surfaces.


3. Is this dash cleaner a good price?


Our dash cleaner is economical both in price and how much is needed to clean the interior. It is always best to wipe down heavily-soiled areas with a damp cloth first, which will save additional dash cleaner from being used. However, using only a couple of pumps of the Chipex Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner sprayer onto a microfibre cloth means it will cover a good-sized area, making it highly economical, saving you money and still leaving behind a clean, satin-finish and a fresh-car scent.

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