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I wish I has taken before and after photos because the difference is remarkable. The product is so easy to use with excellent results. Forget the costly reprays or the 'chip and fix' man, Chipex is far cheaper with a better result.

Edwin Nottingham in Bridgend

Miracle & Screen Wash

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Our super-concentrated Innovative rain-repelling screenwash will clean your windscreen superbly, while simultaneously imparting rain repellent performance, preventing rainwater from building up improving both day and nighttime visibility and driver safety in all conditions. It will reduce refractive glare and stop classic wiper squeak by reconditioning the blades. Each and every time aquaphobic screenwash is applied it actually replenishes the chemical screen treatment – all you do is apply via the wash Bottle. While the Miracle Detailer will give your car a factory finish high shine gloss and protect the surface of your car by repelling rain and vehicle re-soiling.

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