I wish I has taken before and after photos because the difference is remarkable. The product is so easy to use with excellent results. Forget the costly reprays or the 'chip and fix' man, Chipex is far cheaper with a better result.

Edwin Nottingham in Bridgend

Super Concentrate Car Shampoo


The Chipex Uber Super Concentrate Car Shampoo uses the latest technology so as to clean your car’s bodywork leaving it not only sparklingly clean but with a protective electrostatic coat to help reduce re-soiling.

  • Lush foam and fragrance
  • Low smear and streak free rinse off
  • Readily biodegradable



– pH neutral

– Lush foam and fragrance

– Low smear and streak free rinse off

– Water softener prevents salt chalking and watermarking after drying

– Readily Biodegradable

– Employs a combination of innovative surfactants to tackle both common oil and water-soluble soils

– Electrostatic additives enable excellent cleaning of particulate dirt and road film oxidation

– Chloride salt-free formulation

– 500 ML

– Dilution Ratio with water: 1: 400 (High Active Concentrate)

– Keep out of Reach of Children

– Wear protective clothing/eye protection/face protection

– IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if present and easy to do

    If eye irritation persists: Get medical advice/ attention

    • In the event of requiring medical attention show this container or label

Super Concentrate Car Shampoo


1. Will this car shampoo remove wax or sealant coatings?


No. Chipex Super Concentrate Car Shampoo works superbly well in cleaning car paint and bodywork, it is also apH-neutral as well as having a chloride and salt-free formulation. It is highly effective at cleaning away dirt and grime, and safe to use on bodywork coated with wax or sealant.


2. Does this car shampoo leave streak marks behind on bodywork?


Watermarks, smearing and streaks after washing your car are frustrating, to say the least. You’ve just spent time effort cleaning it, only for it to look pretty awful afterwards thanks to the above-mentioned marks. To minimise these, Chipex Super Concentrate Car Shampoo is made using an innovative and advanced formula, which includes water softener to prevent salt chalking and water-marking as well as smears and streaks, giving your car abeautiful shine, whilst also adding an electrostatic coating to help reduce the road grime sticking to it, and making it easier to wash next time.


3. How to clean a car using our car wash shampoo


1. Rinse away as much dirt from the car bodywork as possible, using either a hosepipe spray gun or, preferably, a pressure washer.
2. Use Chipex Triple Action Bugs Away to remove any heavy build up of bugs/flies/bird dirt.
3. Add approximately 23 ml of Chipex Super Concentrate Car Shampoo if using a standard-size 9-litre bucket, and fill with warm water. Our car shampoo is highly concentrated at a 1:400 dilution rate, so not much product is needed.
4. Use a soft microfibre wash mitt (these are only around £5.00 and available at petrol stations, auto centres etc), give it a good dunking in the bucket of soapy water, then wash from the top of the car downwards, regularly rinsing the wash mitt in the soapy water. It’s important to wash the car in this order to decrease the risk of scratches: roof, bonnet, boot, glass, upper panels, lower panels, wheels. Never leave the suds to sit for very long, especially on warm days.
5. Rinse the car off using your hosepipe spray gun or pressure washer, ensuring all the suds are gone.
6. Dry off the car using a soft microfibre cloth.
7. Finish off with Chipex Miracle Detailer for a high gloss finish and add a layer of protection to the paint.
8. Stand back and admire your super-shiny car.

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