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Fill out as much information as you can, and remember, we offer our 100% colour match guarantee on every kit regardless.

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A Revolutionary Car Paint Touch-up System That Outperforms All Other Touch-up Paint...

Car Touch Up Paint - Chipex

Chipex the seamless car paint touch-up system

The famous Chipex car touch-up paint system has become the product of choice for repairing scratches & stone chips, because the new paint blends with your existing paintwork, for a seamless repair.
All Chipex paint comes blended with clearcoat lacquer, meaning you do not need to apply this separately, as with ordinary car touch up paint.

Chipex kits also save you time & money

These paintwork repair kits give your vehicle back its beauty, helping to preserve resale value in the process. Developed to perfection, Chipex provides you with an effective repair kit that avoids the large repair bills you'd get from a typical bodyshop in the process. Traditional touch-up paint will not do this.

Chipex repair system...

  • 100% colour match guarantee

  • Treats stone chips & scratches

  • Blended with clearcoat lacquer

  • Is fast, simple & safe to use

  • Enhances vehicle resale value

  • Prevents rusting

...I was extremely impressed. Not just with the way the kit worked but with the results. I can now polish my car without wax residue getting into the repair! My Merc looks like a merc again.

- Mike French, Brighton

Every Chipex paint comes computer matched

Chipex comes hand made to the manufacturer's colour formulation for an exact colour match, allowing ease of use & great results.
All paint comes pre-mixed with clear-coat lacquer and our unique blending solution merges your touch-up with the surrounding paint, so you can easily achieve a professional looking finish.
This is why we have been chosen not only by so many satisfied customers but also the Morgan motor company.

Official supplier to the Morgan Motor Company


Chipex is perfect for use with a huge range of makes & models:

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Chipex comes 100% guaranteed colour-matched.

This means that the colour of the paint will match perfectly with the shade of your vehicle's existing factory paint, whether it is a modern metallic colour, an old-fashioned shade or a simple black or white.