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Clean & Tidy Paint Removal Cloth

Price: £2.50

Our Paint Removal Cloth removes any excess paint from the area you've repaired with your touch up kit, so you’ll never have to worry about making a mistake ever again.

When you want something to look perfect (such as your repaired car paintwork after you’ve used a Chipex kit) making even the slightest mistake is incredibly irritating. And if it does happen, you’ll definitely be looking for a solution that could get rid of it!

Our Paint Removal Cloth was specially made from professional standard paper panel-wipe material to do exactly that. We wanted you to have a way to instantly get rid off any potential wrong moves you made with the paint, so you’d feel confident using your kit and comfortable making mistakes.

Our cloth uses the same material as professional body shops to quickly remove any excess paint from your repair work. That means the paint left over will be totally smooth and seamless, with not an unplanned run, drip or blob of paint in sight! So even if you’re far from the most careful and precise person in the world, your car paint repair work will always make it look like you are!

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Our cloths quickly and easily remove any excess paint from your car surface repair work. Use the extra absorbent material to buff away any extra paint, so your repair job is completely smooth, with no drips or runs.